Our company was born from the idea of conveying the experience and tradition of knowledge and information built over years of work alongside artisans, technicians, Italian companies. Innovation of products, materials, technology that intersect in a continuous play of parts, proposing innovative solutions projected to a continuous updating and study of the technical and living possibilities more modern and functional.


Abitark is the space for ideas for your furnishing or interior design project, open to anyone who wants to meet and discuss. The goal is to offer a showcase, a laboratory of materials and ideas, for the designer as for the most demanding customer, proposing a solution resulting from research and attention to detail. A “total product” made of shape, color, technology and design, the result of Italian research, a space born from the comparison with companies that have a look towards the world, but with attention to our country, its history and the best manufacturing tradition.

The products are the result of knowledge, selection, variety of offerings that we have tried and selected, our products range from indoor solutions to those for the outdoors, from quality windows where light, heat, technology blend into a dialogue between the inside and the outside creating the right harmony, the door design as a complement to furniture, through the security locks, such as the many solutions of glass or metal or finishes for both indoor and outdoor use. Crossing territories of furniture in continuous evolution, we look for a different perspective to propose to our customers as well as to designers. The continuous search for solutions and materials has led us to identify companies sensitive to the world of recycling, now very much felt in the market and in consumer awareness, from this meeting comes the cardboard furniture of “E +” where the quality of the product, respect for the environment and sustainable development are key elements of the proposal.

Outdoor furniture with customized metals and woods and solutions for light management, such as Fanani, which offers functional and aesthetic choices of the highest level.

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